Documentary Story

Round Right Farm co-owner Sunshine Vortigern discusses the importance of a sustainable lifestyle

By: James Scott

(The following story was produced for a video journalism class at WVU)

Round Right Farm is owned and operated by Steve and Sunshine Vortigern and is located in Terra Alta, West Virginia. Along with the help of a few apprentices and employees, the Vortigerns run the farm with one thing in mind, sustainability.

“We grow pretty much any vegetable you can grow in this climate,” Sunshine Vortigern said. “It’s about forty different crops from asparagus to zucchini, A to Z.”

In today’s world we hear more and more about the dangers of eating processed or fast foods. This change in our food culture has lead to an increase in the industrialization of our food products.

The industry’s switch to a processed lifestyle has its ups and downs. While these types of food may be more convenient to prepare at times, they don’t measure up nutritionally when compared to cooking a meal with freshly picked ingredients.

Vortigern stated, “we know that we have an obesity problem in this country,” commenting on our nation’s health crisis. “A huge way that you can fix that is [by] eating a lot more fresh foods.”

Not only does industrialized food impact our physical health, it also affects the world around us by emitting its share of pollution into the environment.

Sustainable living is a practice that can be implemented to offset the effects of these modern dilemmas. By partaking in this practice one can learn to appreciate where their food comes from.

Click here to view a PDF of this story’s transcript.

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